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Create your individual Smart Business Card and make a strong first impression. Simply hold your card up to the other person's smartphone to share your profile with them.

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Add individual links and contact information to your profile so that your new contact has all the important information about you, your work or your company.

Customize your business card ➔

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What our customers say about bumpee.

  • "Works perfectly. The setup was super easy, quick and the tag is one of the pioneers for a new type of business card. I will definitely recommend it. :)"

  • "Perfect if you’re tired of paper business cards! Such a great and innovate idea to connect with people - easy, fast & works with all platforms and social media."

  • "What a great idea: To digitalize the whole use case of analog business cards and to reinvent the whole process of connecting with people."

  • "(...)Makes it a lot easier for my personal purposes to network and pass on all my important contact details."

  • "Finally a simple solution so that you don't have to carry around umpteen business cards all the time, which everyone loses anyway.(...)"

  • Does the other person need the app to view my profile?

    No. Your profile can be viewed by anyone with a smartphone or computer. You can share your profile with a custom link, your custom generated QR code or your Smart Business Card!View profile example.

  • What's a Smart Business Card?

    Our smart business cards are custom printed NFC cards that you can simply hold up to the other person's smartphone to share your profile with them.

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Your Smart Business Card

Hold your smart business card to the other person's smartphone to share your profile with them.

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