Important disclaimer!

Be sure to connect your tag with your profile inside the bumpee® app to be able to share it with others!

That's how it works:
1. Go to the right tab inside the bumpee® app
2. Tap the plus button
3 . Tap the green button and connect the tag.

All done!

Share your socials with the Superbloom Tag!

Download the bumpee® app, create your profile and connect it to your Superbloom tag!

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  • Free setup

    Download the free bumpee® app and add your social media accounts, contact details or custom links to your profile.

  • Custom designed

    Design your business profile the way you want. If you're familiar with platforms like Linktree you'll feel right at home!

  • Quick sharing

    Hold the tag that's connected with your bumpee® profile against other NFC-enabled smartphones to directly and quickly share your social media accounts, contact information or custom links.

Your profile

You can customize your profile by adding your socials, chosing your color scheme, and add a custom profile and cover image!

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